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Our Resident Fur Babies

Every once in a while a cat comes into the Cafe that needs special care and attention. In most cases these are cats that have a chronic health issue that requires ongoing care. If a cat falls into this category, they will become a resident of Fur Babies Cat Cafe. Although these cats are not available to be adopted, they will reside under our care and enjoy the company of visitors that come into our Cafe!



Gender: Male
Approximate Date Of Birth: March 2021

Shaker is a cuddly and adventurous boy. He has a condition known as Cerebellar Hypoplasia. This condition is the result of an improperly developed cerebellum. Shaker has poor coordination and balance. If you see him walking in the Cat Lounge he looks to be a little wobbly. Shaker’s condition isn’t painful and he keeps up with the other cats just fine. 

Our Resident Fur Babies: Adopt
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