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How To Donate

We are incredibly grateful for every donation that we are able to receive for the kitties. Donations help cover the cost of vet visits, provide the cats in our care with food, litter, and a roof over their heads, just to name a few things. 

Donations can be made at any time through our Amazon wish list or in-person at the Cafe. Contact us for donation drop-off details.

There are many ways to donate and we are always in need of items in the following categories:


Cat Food

🐾 Dry kitten food
🐾 Dry adult food
🐾 Canned kitten food
🐾 Canned adult food

*Please note that we only accept unopened bags of dry kitten and adult food.


Wood Pellets

We use wood pellets in substitution of traditional clay, clumping cat litter. Wood pellets of any brand are accepted. 

*Please note that we do not accept previously used litter boxes or litter scoops.


Cleaning Supplies

🐾 Lysol wipes
🐾 Paper towels
🐾 Garbage bags
🐾 Gently used, clean towels 
🐾 Disposable vinyl or nitrile gloves


Other Items

🐾 Pet wipes
🐾 New or gently used blankets
🐾 Toys
🐾 New or gently used cat beds
🐾 Pet carriers 
🐾 New/gently used cat trees/scratch posts


Monetary Donations

Monetary donations can be made via:
🐾 Cash
🐾 Credit
🐾 Debit
🐾 Cheque
🐾 etransfer (

*Please note that we are not a registered charity and are unable to issue tax receipts.*

How To Donate: Volunteer
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